Thunderbird support for Nautilus Send-to Plugin

Igor Feghali


I got surprised when i noticed that i couldn't compose an email message on thunderbird using nautilus send-to plugin. I have searched the web and found many people with the same problem as mine but no one has got a solution. So i decided to write a simple library to add thuderbird to the sendto list of nautilus.

I have compiled the binaries on a Slackware 10.2 box running Linux, Gnome 2.14.3 and Thunderbird

The latest version of nautilus-sendto is shipped with thunderbird integration, although it doesn't supports file attachments yet.

Only Thunderbird > 1.5 is supported.


My own files

nautilus-sendto-thunderbird.src.tar.gz (Source Code)
nautilus-sendto-thunderbird-0.5-0.makefile.tar.gz (makefile to be used with Nautilus Sendto 0.4)
nautilus-sendto-thunderbird-0.5-0.bin.tar.gz (pre-compiled Binaries)

3rd Party Binaries

Those files were built on Ubuntu 6.06 against nautilus-sendto-0.5 and tested with Thunderbird They were made by Brent Heyes

nautilus-sendto-thunderbird-0.5-1.bin.tar.gz (pre-compiled Binaries)
nautilus-sendto-thunderbird-0.5-1.deb (Debian package)



  1. Download and extract the binaries to your nautilus sendto's lib dir (usually /usr/lib/nautilus-sendto/plugins).

Compiling from source

  1. Download the source code of your Nautilus sendto here. By the time i was writing it, the latest version was 0.8 but if you want to compile my script for versions greater than 0.5 you may have to write your own makefile.
  2. Extract Nautilus sendto source somewhere.
  3. Download and extract nautilus-sendto-thunderbird-0.5-0.src.tar.gz to /sendto-src-dir/src/plugins/.
  4. Download and extract nautilus-sendto-thunderbird-0.5-0.makefile.tar.gz to /sendto-src-dir/src/plugins/. You have to overwrite the files in there.
  5. go to /sendto-src-dir/ and type ./configure
  6. go to /sendto-src-dir/src/plugins/ and type make
  7. go to /sendto-src-dir/src/plugins/.libs/ and copy libthunderbird.* to your sendto's lib dir (usually /usr/lib/nautilus-sendto/plugins).

If you have any question you can reach me at the email address in the source code.

Document Version

This document was written in 06 Nov, 2006.

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